About Us

Stonz world is owned by RedStonz Software company located in Peshawar. Redstonz works from the years in the technology and application industries.

This company is founded in 2014 and work in many successful and beneficial projects of the society and government.

They developed SaudiMadares.com one of the successful projects, the school management system for the school’s management.

And complete hundreds of international projects.

What is Stonzworld?

Stonz World is a Blog where we cover all the topics related to the new trends of modern technology and the use of modern technology. Modern technology gadgets, computers, social media, digital marketing, and the internet, etc.

Modern technology usage is increasing day by day.

Most of people like to use modern technology devices and gadgets in their daily work routine.

The basic aim of this Blog is people to know about the latest inventions of modern technology and the usage of modern technology.

The good and bad effects of modern technology on society are also important for people to know.

It’s very important for people to know the bad and goods effects of modern technology and the use of modern technology in our society.

That they can use the technology according to their work and prevent the bad effects of technology

This blog is the best information source for the students to learn.

Through this blog, the students can learn about the new trends and usage of modern technology in our society.

In this blog, we try to cover all things related to technology and society.

The following are the categories

  • Social media
  • Marketing
  • Modern technology
  • Education
  • Mobile phones
  • Internet
  • Latest trends

And many more.

The main focus of Stonzworld is to cover all the topics related to modern technology, we will do our best to provide the best more informative, and unique content to the readers of Stonzworld.